Lost our home pet foundation truly does amazing things.  Based in Phoenix, AZ, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation is a resource for real estate professionals and other members of the community who discover an abandoned pet, and to provide options for pet owners faced with difficult economic circumstances while promoting the spaying and neutering of pets.  They re-home pets abandoned by owners and keep families together (four legged members and all) when the family is undergoing a housing transition.  I volunteered on a bright and sunny January day when there was a cat being housed and cared for that had been burned in a fire.  The obviously grouchy kitty was able to relax in the Lost Our Home adoption facility while his human focused on finding new house.

Arizona Realtor Jodi Polanski founded the organization in 2008.  Walking into a foreclosed home and seeing a pet abandoned or expired is, unfortunately, nothing that shocks most veteran realtors. When some people move out they leave their pets behind to fend for themselves.  The lucky ones are happened upon by real estate professionals or reported by neighbor with a keen eye.  The not-so-lucky ones die alone in the house that was once their home when they run out of food and water.   Jodi decided that she had seen enough and wanted to be a part of the solution.  Lost Our Home has rescued over 2,0000 dogs and cats in four years.  They have also fed 10,000 more helping them stay with families.  One client that touched Jodi the most was a professional woman that lost her job and struggled with homelessness.  After finding an apartment that she could afford, Jodi provided her with the basics to give to her dog and a few treats as well. The client was overjoyed at the thought of just being able to provide a biscuit to her dog after struggling for so long just to provide the basics for herself and her pet, this was an extra that brought tears to her eyes.

It is those types of extras that are the hallmark of Lost Our Home.  The volunteer opportunities are plentiful and well advertized.  The facility itself is bustling with life.  Volunteers, donors, and staff are in and out all day.  The staff gives the volunteers big meaty jobs that volunteers want.  I was able to walk dogs, clean cat litter boxes, mop the floor, and play with puppies.  Oh, such hard work!!  It was a day well spent and it was fun to hear from other volunteers that are lucky enough to be able to volunteer all the time just how passionate they are about the organization.  This is truly a nonprofit to watch!  They are going places.

It’s a puppy pile. And no I don’t even have anything in my hand.